Surviving The Family Summer Barbecue


It’s unavoidable. July is winding down and the enthusiasm for backyard bashes is still strong. Here are some tips to stay grill-happy this summer.

Have it well-done. Pay extra care that meat is not undercooked to avoid the risks of E.Coli, Salmonella and Toxoplasmosis. It is important that your meat is cooked thoroughly – it should be steaming hot without any trace of pink or blood. Take particular care with poultry, pork sausages and minced meat, including hamburgers.

Beware the Cold Salad. Left out too long, delicious side dishes can transform into a breeding ground for bacteria. Give the cold potato salad a pass if you think it’s been left out for more than an hour.

Know your cone. Make sure any home made ice cream being served isn’t made with raw eggs (which can contain salmonella). Remember – cooking may kill bacteria, but freezing won’t.

Say no to sprouts. Skip alfalfa or other raw sprouts as a burger or salad garnish to avoid the chance of coming into contact with salmonella or E.Coli. In fact, make sure all your raw veggies and salad have been washed properly.

Keep it Clean. Hosting a BBQ? Remember, all surfaces and utensils should be washed properly after preparing raw meat. Wash and dry your hands after touching or handling raw meat, as well. This will help to avoid the spread of harmful bugs that can cause food poisoning.

Stay Hydrated. Enjoying a sunny backyard bash in sizzling temperatures can leave you dizzy – keep a cold drink in hand and remember to consumer an extra 8oz of water for each hour you spend outside in the heat.

Let someone else do the picking up. You’ve been a lovely host all day. The sun is going down. The yard is scattered with evidence of a great party. It’s time to sit down, stay cool and let someone else do the cleaning up. They’ll be glad you did.