Picnicking With a Toddler

Picnicking With a Toddler

Summer is here at last and what better way to enjoy it than taking your toddler for a picnic?

I love picnicking! I love it so much that my water broke picnicking while pregnant with my daughter, Ava ;). Joking aside, I think that it’s a great family activity. It is easy to do and allows families to enjoy the outdoors together without traveling far. This is especially great with a toddler too.

My husband and I took Ava last weekend for a picnic at our favourite spot, Beaver Lake in Montreal. It is atop Mont-Royal mountain and has a beautiful man made lake with a hilltop overlooking the water. I love that it is in the middle of the city, but at the same time feels a million miles away.

We took Ava picnicking a lot when she was baby and we wondered how she would enjoy it as a toddler (23 months).

She absolutely loved it! My hubby and I were laughing that there was no need to travel far to the zoo (1hr ride from our house ) because the park was like a zoo to her. Ava could have spent the whole day feeding a mama duck and her babies.  She also got a kick out of feeding a very fat squirel who had a bottomless stomach!

Ava knowing how to walk or i.e, run away this year made our picnic a little more challanging, but not to the degree that we wouldn’t do it again. She wanted to run everywhere because she was so excited. Once we ate though, she sat down and didn’t leave. Feeding the squirrels also helped keep her entertained.

All and we had a great time. Taking a toddler for a picnic is a different adventure than a baby. Be prepared for no naptime as toddler loses the ability to fall asleep anywhere. Be prepared to run, but most of all to have fun!!

Our next adventure is a camping trip to the Adirondack’s!