Inside Jessica Simpson’s Dramatic Delivery of Her Son, Ace Knute

Inside Jessica Simpson's Dramatic Delivery of Her Son, Ace Knute

The current issue of In Touch weekly is talking about Jessica Simpson and her “dramatic delivery” of her baby boy Ace Knute.  The little fella was born on June 30th through a C-section.  In Touch reports  having a C-section was last minute decision Jessica made when she realized that Ace was much bigger than daughter Maxwell in her last few weeks of her pregnancy. Jessica knew there was no way she was going to be able to push him out!  “She had a suite at the hospital and her whole family was going to be there waiting for her when she got out of the delivery room.”

The singer is said to have found the whole pregnancy really stressful.  People suspect that she got pregnant on purpose so that she could get out of her $5 million Weight Watchers deal which required her to lose a lot of weight quickly.  I really doubt this is true.

She was feeling poorly throughout the last few months of her pregnancy; constantly feeling sick and having to ditch evenings out with friends due to her poor health.  The source for the magazine had said: “This pregnancy has been difficult. But she is so blessed and is in the best place right now. She could not be happier!”

In Touch has all the details in their current issue about Jessica’s daughter Maxwell meeting her new brother for the first time.  They also have the full story behind the baby’s name.  To catch all the details, make sure to pick the issue on stands now.