Everybody Loves a New Baby – Especially a Royal Heir!

Everybody Loves a New Baby - Especially a Royal Heir!

Remember when Kate Middleton’s pregnancy was first confirmed? It was like this shocking, happy bit of news. Royal watchers were almost shocked to hear that it was true, after wishing it to happen since the minute Kate and Prince William married.  Fans have watched the Duchess gain minimal weight and dress her bump in a decidedly modern style. For some reason we care to know that Queen Elizabeth has no say in the nursery design and people are placing bets on all the baby stats. If you happen to pick the right day, time, weight and gender you could win some cold, hard cash.

Why do we care so much? Ironically when Kim Kardashian gave birth to Nori a few weeks ago everyone wanted details and this might be the first time that Kris Jenner completely blew it. No photos, nothing from Kim or Kanye. At first the silence was nice, it looked like maybe Kim was learning to value something besides her own press. But guess what, after about two weeks the novelty wore off and we kind of don’t care any more. All attention is on the next royal-to-be.

Unlike Kim’s baby, this one won’t have an expiration date for media coverage. The royal baby will no doubt be a top story for the rest of the year and the reason is simple- it’s happy news. Kate and William are a happy couple having their first baby that just so happens to be either a prince or princess.  Plus we get to watch beloved Princess Diana’s son become a father. What’s not to love?  Happy news always makes for a nice distraction from the everyday crap that life hands us and the escape, even if for only a few minutes is always a nice break, don’t you think?  So what do you think Kate is having and when do you predict it will be making its grand entrance? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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