Family Zoo Day

CJ mommy zoo post

For those if you that follow my first time mommy adventures, you know we love taking our little man to the zoo. We have an annual pass and try to go at least once a month. We are definitely taking advantage of the 80 degree weather before the 100+ degree temps creep up.

My husband and I like to explore different routes at the zoo to keep things fun and interesting for us and baby. We love the zoo because you never know what the animals might be doing. The last time we visited, the flamingos were going crazy and flapping around. The time before that one of the chimpanzees started running and kicking the wall. You never know what to expect!

This time they were training the seals. It was pretty neat to watch the trainers teach the seals how to jump up on the platform and play with balls. We also made a stop at the petting area with the goats and lambs. Baby C loves to pet our two dogs so we hoped that he would enjoy seeing the goats and lambs…and he did! I had a kick watching him reach out and touch them. I’m not sure if you heard about the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, California but when he gets a little older we are definitely going to take him there! The Gentle Barn is only open for limited hours on Sundays but it is an amazing place that rehabilitates and rescues animals. My husband and I used to go a lot before we had baby because it is such a nice place that does great work.

As you can tell, we love animals. Our favorite part is reading the descriptions of the animals to our son. Even though he can’t understand what we are saying yet I’m hoping that it will help him develop his speech. We love learning about animals and hope our son appreciates them too!

Here are a couple of pictures from our fun day at the zoo! Look in the background and you can see the gharial! The other picture is us relaxing in the shade for a water break!

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