Kid Friendly Easter Ideas

Kid Friendly Easter Ideas

If you’re not looking to celebrate Easter for the religious factor but still wanting something fun to do with the family, take a browse through some of our favorite Easter activities; they also make great Easter day party games for family and friends.

Stain Glass Eggs:
These are relatively simple to make but will require some adult supervision and prep work! I took our old broken crayons and shaved them down using a good old fashioned pencil sharpener. You’ll need to collect the shavings for this project so keep the set aside. Once you’ve got your shavings done- as many colors as you want, you’ll want to cut up some wax paper. You can make shapes like a bunny, or an egg or even a cross. You’ll want two sheets of wax cut out per project. You’ll also need an iron for this project, on a low setting. Take one sheet of wax cut out and sprinkle on some of the shaved crayons. Then, when you’ve applied the shavings of your choice (not too many! You’ll need it to be evenly distrusted), you’ll put the other piece of wax paper on top. Put a dish towel on top of the finished papers and start to iron while you melt the shaved crayons. I found once it was done a little trimming may be required. If you want a more finished look, cut out a thin boarder of construction paper to match your shape; this will also help seal the ends! Display in the window for great decorations of years to come!

Easter Bunny Masks:
This one is a simple one and a little less hands on for parents. You’ll want to do some more prep work, start with paper plates and cut areas for eyes to go. You’ll probably also want to cut some construction paper ears to eventually attach to the top of the bunny plate (however, if your kids are able to use a scissors they can also cut their own!). Let kids decorate their plates with cotton balls, jelly beans or other fun Easter like decorations! Once they are decorated, attach the ears to the top of the plate using double sided tape. When the masks are done, use a hole punch in order to make room for a string to wrap around your child’s head to secure the mask to their face (or for kiddies who don’t love that sort of thing let them just hold it while they play). These are also fun if you do a chick and make orange beaks instead of ears!

Easter Egg Hunt:
I hate eggs filed with candy. So we always make sure to buy the non filled eggs and then I can fill them on my own. You can fill them with snacks instead of candy. Try gold fish, peanuts, trail mix or dried fruit. If you’re looking for other things; try stickers, hair bows or tiny cars, those little pills that dissolve in the bathtub or same with those wash cloths, they are all cheap things that you can find at a dollar store and don’t have to break the bank over! If you’re going for a totally different route, try bible verses or sayings of kindness that apply to any of your children! Heck, don’t forget to throw some money in some of those eggs! Ha! For bigger kids, maybe coupons for “get out of dishes” or “one free night of TV before homework”, the options for that sort of thing are endless! You could always make a treasure hunt out of the Easter eggs. Fill each egg with the next clue on where to find the eggs and then at the end have one big gift/game or prize for all the kids playing!

Of course, there is always pin the fuzz tail on the bunny if all else fails! Happy Easter Readers!

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