Jenna Fischer: I love Motherhood 100 percent Of The Time

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During a Thursday appearance on The Jeff Probst Show, Jenna Fischer admitted before she became a mom to son, Weston Lee, she didn’t believe motherhood was all baby bliss.

“When I went into it I thought, ‘Okay, I bet it’s going to be really great 70 percent of the time, and then 30 percent of the time, you just have to get through it,’” The Office star said.

“And I was like, ‘I can do that, I can do that.’ I love it 100 percent of the time. I honestly do.”

Becoming a mom has allowed Fischer to realize strengths she never thought she had!

“I had really underestimated what I was capable of because, before I had him, I thought I needed things that I didn’t really need. I want nine hours of sleep, but it turns out I don’t need it!”

“I’m not cranky during the day because … the excitement of being with him and watching him learn and watching him grow and being a facilitator of those things is so joyful,” Fischer explains.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet


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