Chad Lowe: “I’m Trying To Bank Some Sleeping Hours” Before Our Baby Arrives

Chad Lowe who is expecting his second child with his wife Kim has been busy wrapping up loose ends before their little one’s big arrival.

“I’m trying to bank some sleeping hours which is a little tough,” the actor told People during the premiere of Disney’s Sofia the First in Burbank, Ca on Saturday. “I have been out buying a lot of stuff to organize [everything] we have. It is amazing how much stuff babies need. It is incredible.”

Meanwhile the couple, have been preparing their 3½-year-old daughter Mabel for her new role as big sister.

“We’ve been introducing her to the concept and she seems to be very excited,” Lowe says. “She knows she’s got a big job and a lot of things to teach her sibling.”

The Pretty Little Liars star admits that juggling his family life and career is not easy, but he has found a to manage it.

The most important thing is being present when you are with your family and not being distracted by work or outside influences,” the Pretty Little Liars star explains. “I just really try to be present in all the moments when I am with my daughter and my wife. I am really lucky because I have gotten to be [with them] a lot.”

Kim is expecting to give birth this week.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet