In Defense Of Cats: Yes, I have Three Cats & A Baby!

My Life: Ava - Cats & Babies

For some reason, people think cats and babies don’t mix!

It really dumbfounded me when I first got pregnant that people kept asking, “So What are you going to do with your cats?”. I kept wondering why was that the first thing that came to there mind?  What did they think I was going to do with my cats throw them in the garbage? Obviously, not! My cats are a part of my family and there should be no reason why a baby makes that any different.

When Ava was a little baby the cats didn’t even think she was a living being! They had absolutely no interest in her whatsoever! When she started to crawl they would just run away if they didn’t like what she was doing.  I always make sure to monitor any encounter Ava has with our three cats to ensure she doesn’t get scratched.  Till date, Ava has only had one to two minor scratches.

People often forget a family pet or cat can have many benefits on a baby. A baby learns how to interact and love something distinct from mama and dada with the help of an animal.  At 14-months-old, the cats are are no longer mama and dada’s, but Ava’s. Her favorite cat, Admira loves following her around and Ava gets a kick out of it. She know how to pet Admira without hurting her. She also loves giving Admira affection by pulling her close and giving her hugs and kisses.

I must admit, our three cats are extremely gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, I have only seen one crazy cat my whole life which is not something I could say for dogs.

What is you take on mixing cats or family pets with babies? Did it work for you?