Hurricanes Make Pregnant Women Go Into Labor?!

As I was browsing the net today I came across a Fox News article that says that Hurricanes make pregnant women go into labor. Say what?! now, I live in Florida, where we experience “hurricane season.” Even on a good year we experience tropical storms with high winds and tons of rain. Most of the time we have nothing to worry about but making sure we have enough hurricane party supplies, but occasionally we have a bad storm.

But adding pregnant women going into labor in that mix seems to add to the pressure. I have had two babies – none during hurricane season, thankfully, I suppose.According to the article,  studies suggest that “drops in barometric pressure can trigger either the onset of labor, or the rupture of the fluid-filled amniotic sac membrane, which is the technical term for a woman’s water breaking or starting to leak.”

“There’s definitely a belief out there,” said Dr. Jonathan Schaffir, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio State University College of Medicine. “It’s certainly not cut-and-dried, but there is some scientific evidence that changes in pressure can contribute to membrane rupture,” he said.

Yikes! The only experience I have with this is my BFF who was due September 5 of this year. Here comes Hurricane Isaac, and BAM! She went into labor! No joke! Her water broke and the baby was born that day, two weeks early. Coincidence? I don’t know, but it sure is funny!

What do you think? Can hurricanes put pregnant women into labor?