Calling For Back Up: Sick Babies, Sick Mama

I love being a mother, I truly feel it is my calling in life. If I accomplish nothing else than being the best mother to my children I possibly can, then I will die happy. I love spending time with my kids and being a hands on, do it all mama. But when mama is down and the babies are sick, help in needed!

The whole family has had a round of some kind of stomach bug. Started off with hubby, then my toddler was out of it for the weekend. Just as he was recovering, I caught it and then my three month old. No fun. My toddler needs attention, and so does my three month old who was a mess – not to mention I am worried sick having a baby that young so sick.

So we have called in the reinforcements. Thank God for my grandmother – YiaYia. She has come over every day this week to help me. She is an all in one wonder woman (where I draw my inspiration from), making us breakfast and lunch, doing dishes, straightening, and most importantly – playing with my toddler. It has been awesome to have her, I am so lucky. And it is so special to see her bonding with my babies!

Every mama needs help sometimes, don’t be shy to ask for it! Call for back up!

Hopefully we will all be on the mend for the weekend, but man has it been a tough week. I couldn’t have done it with out my YiaYia.