Best Baby Shower Games

Having had a baby shower and a sprinkle thrown for myself, and most of my friends having had showers,  I know tons of fun games to play! There are a lot of cute ideas, that don’t involve measuring a 9 month pregnant woman’s waist. I hate that game!!!

Dirty Diapers

Buy a variety of chocolate candies (Milky Way, Snickers, 100 Grand, Baby Ruth, 3 Musketeers etc) and melt each down in the microwave. Then place it in a diaper. Pass it around and see if the guests can identify the candy.

Words out of Baby’s Name

Put the baby’s full name at the top of a piece of paper, and run copies for each guess. Give them three minutes to see who can come up with the most words using the letters in the baby’s name. This one gets competitive, especially around teachers!

Inside the diaper bag

This is a memory game. The first player starts by saying the name of something that would normally be found in a diaper bag (“Inside the diaper bag is a changing mat.”). The second player names that item and adds another (“Inside the diaper bag is a changing mat and a nursing cover.”), and so on and so forth.

This continues with each guest repeating the list and adding a new item. If you forget an item or list them out of order, you’re out. Whoever is the last person left, wins.

Baby Telephone

This is a fun game that everyone knows. The first guest whispers a parenting tip to the person sitting nearest to her. That person has to repeat the tip by whispering it into the next guest’s ear, and so it goes around the room.

The very last person who hears the tip should be the mama to be, and she is to announce it to everyone. You will get a ton of good laughs out of this game!

Thank-You Card Door Prize

This game makes things fun and easy on the mama to be. For your door prize, have guests fill out an envelope (to the matching thank you cards the mom to be will use to thank her guests) with their name and address and place it in a bowl. Draw one of the envelopes at random, and that person gets a door prize.

The mom to be gets to keep the addressed envelopes making it oh, so easy for her to send her thank-you notes.

Diaper Raffle

This is my absolute favorite. Have everyone bring diapers. If you bring a box you get two tickets, a bag you get one. Draw a ticket for the prize. (Make the prize substantial – like a gift card to a restaurant and let people know ahead of time). My son is six weeks and I am no where close to needing to buy diapers thanks to this game!

Of course there are a ton of great ideas for baby shower games, these are just a few of my favorites. What is your favorite?