Things To Do Before You Have A Baby

So you are about to pop, baby will be here soon! Go out and celebrate. Celebrate being you, and celebrate time with your partner before baby’s arrival. Here is a list of things I am SO glad I did right before I had my baby!

  • Enjoy a mani and pedi before birth. You may be feeling huge, tired and you probably can’t touch your toes to paint them yourself. Go and treat yourself. It will give you a boost and some much needed relaxation.
  • Get a massage. Seriously, now is the time to relax. You probably aren’t sleeping well and any kind of relaxation will help put you in a better state of mind for labor. It will also likely be a hot minute before you get out again on your own, so take advantage of some “you time.”
  • Go to dinner with your partner and talk. Really talk and enjoy being together. You are in for sleepless nights, and will not have alone time for a while. And that is okay. But before hand, be sure you take some time to enjoy each other. It will make the transition easier on you both and you will appreciate it.
  • If you can, go on vacation. My husband and I went to the beach for a few nights. It was amazing. I relaxed in the sun, we talked and spent some real time together and really enjoyed those last few days of being just the two of us. I think it brought us closer together, relaxed us both and made the transition and all that comes with a  new baby easier.
  • Relax. Everyone says it, but I can’t emphasize it enough. You are about to do the most incredible, exhausting thing of your life. Prepare yourself by relaxing as much as possible and take advantage of being pregnant and everyone understanding why you NEED a nap every day!

What would you suggest to a new mama before having her baby?