Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Have you used a chiropractor during pregnancy? I was recommended to one by my midwives, but I was filled with a zillion questions. Is it safe? What do they do? What are the benefits? Why use one?

Well, I have a breech baby!!! That is my purpose for seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy. He has been head down the whole time. Now it is crunch time, I am 37 weeks, and the little stinker flipped around!

I took a pretty bad fall a few weeks ago and the chiropractor said it is common in women who take a bad fall to have their babies flip. I have had treatment twice this week where they preformed the Webster Technique, a technique used specifically for breech babies. The practice I am going to specializes in pregnant women so I feel more confident using them than someone off my insurance network.

At first I was freaked! I am a tense person by nature AND I am pregnant. Would it be safe?? I did all my research, watched a few videos, put in a few questions on forums, and came to the conclusion that it is safe and can be beneficial. It can help flip a breech baby, such as in my case, it can help with back pain, leg pain, heartburn, headaches and more.

Spinning Babies explains it best saying,

Chiropractic helps with optimal fetal positioning by helping the pelvis to be symmetrical. This in turn helps the uterus to be more symmetrical. Adjustments can help the baby to fit the brim better to engage in time to help stimulate cervical ripening. Adjustments also make the pelvis more flexible so that pelvic joints move more easily in labor.

I can’t tell you if my baby flipped back yet, I will know tomorrow. But I can tell you this: I feel better. The pain in my back from when I fell is gone. I don’t wake up with back or neck pain and I slept like a rock.

For me the benefits were already great, if my baby flipped, I will be sold.

What are your experiences with chiropractic care during pregnancy?