Martha Stewart Welcomes Another Surrogate Grandchild

Martha Stewart

Business magnate and domestic diva, Martha Stewart, welcomed a second grandchild into her family. Stewart’s only daughter, Alexis, 46 years old, decided to have her first child, Jude, and now her second as well, via surrogate after years of trying to get pregnant with in-vitro fertility treatments.

The newest addition, a baby boy named Truman, was born earlier this week. The surrogate siblings birthdays are very close together with Jude having arrived a year ago this week. No doubt the siblings will build a close relationship with barely a year that separates the two.

No matter how these babies came into the world, I am sure that they will be loved unconditionally by their mother and spoiled by their devoted grandmother.

In the United States surrogacy is the new adoption and a thriving business, with celebrities at the top of the list. First there was Elton John’s new surrogate baby, then there was Nicole Kidman’s surprise announcement, Sarah Jessica Parker had twins via a surrogate and most recently, Elizabeth Banks welcomed her son, Felix.

Whether on their own, surrogate or adoption, in the US or outside of the US, this is about women and men supporting each other on the process of being a parent and loving children unconditionally.