Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans Threatening To Quit Teen Mom (Photo)


This week’s magazine has the scoop on the outrageous money demands of the Teen Moms.  Rumor has it Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans are threatening to quit if they do not get more money.   A source said: “Leah wants more money and even went as far to say people from her West Viriginia hometown refer to her as the “redneck Kim Kardashian.”

According to the magazine although season 3 of “Teen Mom 2” has already been filmed, the girls are allegedly threatening to leave before season 4 begins filming.

Leah’s mother, Dawn Spears, took to her Twitter account to reveal details on the situation, calling the reports untrue. The magazine also goes on too claim that one Teen Mom’s baby daddy has threatened to take his child back and another Teen Mom is fed up and tired and cannot take it anymore.

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