Kangaroo Care: What!?

Kangaroo care might be something you’ve never heard of or it could be something you’ve done. Either way, I’m here to give you a few of the details about this amazing concept.

First off, what the heck is kangaroo care and what in the world does it have to do with a mom blog?? Well, kangaroo care is often something used with premature babies or even term babies upon birth. It’s simply when the baby is placed skin to skin with either parent/care giver. It is primarily used with preterm babies to help with their development. One of the biggest benefits of kangaroo care is to help regulate the temperature of the unstable baby. There is also a HUGE benefit in the bonding department during kangaroo care. If your little guy is spending some time in the NICU, for whatever the reason, talk to your doctors about if your baby can benefit from kangaroo care. The stability of the newborn will determine how long kangaroo care can be utilized a day.

Often times newborn, full term, babies benefit from kangaroo care. Think about it, if you spend 40 weeks snuggled in your comfy bed and then suddenly your ripped out of your bed into this scary place and you have no idea where you are, you’re going to be nervous and have high anxiety. So, why shouldn’t your newborn feel the same feelings? For that time spent in your womb, your baby has grown close to you and knows the sound of your beating heart. Just imagine the comfort it would bring to a newborn to be snuggled skin to skin to your chest listening to your heart beating. Sounds pretty comforting to me! It’s also been said to increase milk production and breastfeeding success.

If you’re a new mom writing out a birth plan discuss kangaroo care with your doctor. Typically they can place baby straight to moms chest upon delivery to help ease that transition. If you’re a mom with a little one in the NICU, again, speak to your doctors. Kangaroo care offers amazing benefits to those babies who are weak and need some help.