Cindy Crawford Tells Daughter She Stole Her Looks

Cindy Crawford teases her daughter Kaia who just made her modelling debut for Versace by telling the youngster she “stole everything” from her.

“I thought she looked great. I was proud of her. I was there when she shot it, so I know what the experience was like for her. She liked it, but she also saw that it’s hard work. When we left the shoot, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to do that again,’ it was like, ‘That was kinda hard!,” Crawford said of the shoot for Versace.

“The first 10 snaps are really fun and then it’s work. There’s a reason they call it a job. I thought it was a really good introduction for her to understand a little bit what I do. It was a really great experience for her.”

“Other people see more of me in her than I do, but I just see her. I always tease her that she stole everything from me. I’m like, ‘You have my old legs and I want them back!'”

Crawford who also has a 12-year-old son Presley with husband Rande Gerber admits she doesn’t think either of her children listen to what they say.

“The thing that I have learned is that your kids don’t really listen to what you say, but they watch how you behave.

“I think my husband and I are both pretty grounded and they see that. Their life is certainly different than my life was as a kid, but they don’t really want a lot. We live in Malibu, which to some people who have never been here, it sounds very fancy, but it’s actually like a small town.

“They’re happy being outside, and my son is in the water every day after school. It’s not this decadent, luxurious lifestyle.”