Top 5 Reasons I Know I’m Not a Celebrity Mom

here is my list of my top 5 reasons I know that I’m not a celebrity mom:

#5- When I go in public in my sweats, my hair all a mess and no make up on, people DO NOT charge me for a photo op.

#4- We don’t have a maid, nanny or personal consultant. I’m my own fashion designer, limo driver, chef and tutor!

#3- I’ve never even thought about trade marking my child’s name!

#2- My kids have not been to half of the countries of the world. In fact, my kids haven’t really ever traveled out of their own yard!

and the number one reason that I know I’m not a celebrity mom:

#1- My child’s name does not include anything to do with a color, a piece of produce, a day of the week or any other ridiculous thing that should never be used as a child’s name!


Happy Friday Folks!