BabyGanics: Soothing Diaper Cream

The other night, my kiddos were both suffering from horrid diaper rash. So, off I dashed at 9:30 pm to my local Walgreen’s to find some relief for their tushies! Standing there in Walgreen’s like I was a first time mom I was surveying the line before me. I could go with the stand by of Desitin or I could venture out and try the Walgreen’s brand and save me some money! And then I stumbled upon BabyGanics: Soothing Rash Cream. It was naturally the most expensive one on the shelf, but at that time, it was buy one get one free, making it the cheapest. I looked over the back of the tube and saw that it had the same amount of active ingredients as the Desitin brand. It also talked about it being hypoallergenic and how it was totally ‘safe’. So I figured since it was the cheapest there and who doesn’t love a deal, I’d try it.

So I got home, lathered the kiddos up and sent them to bed! The next morning to my amazing surprise NEITHER of them had ANY trace of diaper rash! I was thrilled. Even with Desitin I would have to to buy the maximum strength to achieve the same results. I’ve never gotten over night relief with any other diaper cream. The cream is the same exact texture as Desitin and nice and creamy! (I’ve found that the walmart brand doesn’t smooth as nicely as Desitin does, this however had NO problem!). That NASTY Desitin diaper cream smell, yup, not even close! It was so nice to not have that nasty lingering smell. It works just as strong as the maximum strength creams and yet had NONE of the nasty smells. Now here would be a draw back, it was the most expensive cream on the shelf, running $2+ than the comparing tube of Desitin. However, for the lack of smell, the over night relief I’d say it’s worth EVERY PENNY!