Suri Cruise Tops Poll For Best Dressed

Tom Cruise Says Daughter Suri Cruise Was Born A Fashionista!

Baby gift website compiled a list of best dressed children of celebrities. Competing for the award were the Beckham’s Harper Seven and Brooklyn and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon.“Suri Cruise has an amazing wardrobe and for a five year old wears some gorgeous outfits. She certainly has terrific taste for one so young.” said a representative.

“Fellow fashionista Harper Seven has been snapped in designer outfits since she was just weeks old, and with a fashion designer for a mum, I imagine she’ll be wearing the very best for years to come. All three of her brothers have very individual taste – the Beckham’s are one very fashionable family!”

“Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has polled a respectable fourth place. The outspoken teen is already setting trends. She’s certainly one to watch over the coming years. No doubt she has inherited some of her mum’s very individual taste.” Indeed she has, the mini material girl seems to be walking in the footsteps of her mother.

“There are some very stylish tots out there and with the cash their parents have, it’s no surprise they wear the very best. While it’s nice to be able to treat your kids now and again, designer clothes aren’t a must have.”