Review: Pinterest – A Mom’s Best Friend

There is a new trend sweeping the world called Pinterest.

Perhaps you’ve tried it, perhaps you haven’t. At first I thought what’s the big deal, this is silly. You simply find things on an online image board and “pin” them to your categories. Big whoop. Then I spent a few hours ‘pinning’ and then I realized how fun it really is! Not only that, I’ve gotten MANY mom tips off Pinterest. I’ve gotten things like kid friendly meals along with adult friendly meals. There are many recipes (some I’ve even featured on here already!) that you can simply search by idea and thousands of things will come up. For instance try things like : Quick meals, low carb meals, crock pot meals, kid friendly meals, healthy desserts; even things like vegetarian and vegan selections are abundant.

You can find lots of suggestions for crafts you can do with your kids. Teachers a like love Pinterest for new fresh ideas on how to manage a classroom and projects to introduce. Things like chore charts and potty training reward ideas are a plenty! You can find all sorts of suggestions on how to be frugal when it comes to kids and when it involves just regular daily things. It’s easy to search with just about any keyword. So what’s so exciting you ask? How is that any different than google? Let me tell you!

With Pinterest, you can follow your friends, as you would with a blog perhaps. People can leave notes on things when they repin them so you’re able to get their feedback! You can keep everything neatly organized so it’s easy to reference back to when you’re ready to use it.

Some of my favorite mom related pin searches are:

  • ultimate laundry tips/soaps/stain removersbeing frugal
  • kid friendly cleaning products for around the house
  • kid friendly meal/snack ideas
  • indoor crafts
  • top things to do on rainy days
  • homeschooling material
  • DIY projects for the home
  • room decor ideas
  • toy organization ideas
  • potty training ideas
  • ideas on dealing with tantrums
  • sign language
  • ABC’s and 123’s suggestion/learning material and so on and so forth!

For those of you who are interested in having an account, simply find pinterest online, request an invite with a valid email and you’ll be sent your validation code in no time! It’s super easy to get started! Simply log on, search and pin. For those of you who don’t have an account or aren’t interested, look for some upcoming blogs with some of my favorite pins and my elaborations on them!