Kid Friendly Christmas Projects!

With the holiday season approaching, many children are off from school and at home to create havoc. If you’re not inclined to let your children sit in front of the electronic babysitter (a tv) then here are a few suggestions as for some indoor things to help keep little guys busy! (all these projects double as Christmas gifts for family! win, win!)

Macaroni necklaces:
This one is good for all ages. Simply enough you’ll need yarn and noddles. Cut your yarn to your desired length and have your kiddos thread their noddles on! Super easy! If you buy the tri-color pastas they usually are green and red, extra festive! If your kids are having trouble threading small noodles, try adding some tape to the end of the yarn to make it more of a pointed end.

Home made bird feeders:
This one is a classic! You’ve probably done it in grade school a million times. Peanut butter, pine cones and bird seed make great home made feeders. Roll the pine cone in peanut butter and roll in seeds! Hang for your favorite bird friends to enjoy!

Wood projects:
Many craft stores sell things like bird houses, frames, treasure boxes and other such wood projects. Pick a few up and let your kiddos decorate. If you want, you can make a special frame for Grandma and insert her favorite photo of the kiddos; I promise, it’ll be her favorite gift!

Home made ornaments:
These are the best of all! Again, visit your local craft store for pre-made undecorated ornaments and let your kids let their creative minds flow! If you want something less traditional try some red and white beads and pipe cleaners to make adorable candy canes. Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, beady eyes make fun reindeer. Walnuts seem to make great homemade ornaments, not sure why, but both my husband and I have walnut related ornaments from our childhoods! Simple clay recipes can be found online to be able to make cookie type ornaments that you can decorate and then bake! (My kids do this one every year, so far we have a hand print made from each Christmas!– It’s our Christmas day tradition!)

Plastic bag wreaths:
Another school day favorite! Cut your old plastic shopping bags into strips and tie off on a hanger made into a circle. Add a bow for festive flare and you’re good to go!

Stain Glass pictures:
This one is great if your house is like my house and has 452 broken crayons laying around. Simply peel the crayons, shave down the crayons (total pain the arse!) and then place the crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper. Iron on low setting until the crayons are melted. Then, cut the wax paper into any shape you’d like (i.e wreath, ornament, stockings). Hang them in your windows for a fun stain glass project. Make smaller versions and hang them on your tree as ornaments!

Sugar cookies:
Who doesn’t love a cookie?! and I don’t know a single mom who doesn’t love hyping up her already stir crazy kiddos with sugar! So moms, get a little nutty this year and bake a cookie or two.. and that way when Mrs. Annie down the road decides you need HER cookies you can simply tell her you’ve simply got tons of your own! 🙂