Double Stroller Down Low!

So you’re in the stroller market? What a confusing place to be. When we started stroller shopping for a double when the impending arrival of our daughter got closer and closer I thought I was going to burst. I was going to have two young kids so I needed to make sure my stroller purchase was one that could last through the test of time! Here I’ll list a few features that I loved and hated about each type of stroller to help you better choose which stroller is right for your family and situation!

Graco Quattro Double Stroller:
This was the first double stroller I had. I was actually given this stroller. After much debate, this one found a new home. I found that although this stroller had great underneath storage, cup holders and parent tray, it was very heavy! The Graco stroller was wonderful because it was adaptable to just about any infant car seat. Being a front and back or tandem stroller, it was narrow enough to be able to fit through door ways with the greatest of ease. Each seat can recline and each seat features it’s own sun shade. Each child has it’s own cup holder and snack holder and the front seat of the stroller offers a hidden compartment under the stroller to be able to hid special toys! Some of the downfalls of this stroller is was very heavy. It took up a lot of space even when folded. It was also somewhat hard to maneuver once you had two chunky kiddos in it! This stroller definitely feels well built and I love Graco products!


Side by Side Stroller:
(Chicco C5) I personally LOVE my side by side stroller. I happen to own an older model and the stroller I own is no longer on the market but there are many similar models on the market today. I was nervous about a side by side in the fact they often don’t fit in the doorways of stores, however, I can assure you that is a common misconception! I have yet to find a doorway that my stroller won’t fit through (to include the front door!). My kiddos since they are still young don’t mind the fact they have to sit next to each other. The under basket storage is great! It’s the perfect size for everything we need! As long as you don’t plan to put tons of shopping bags in the storage areas you’ll do just fine! It’s light weight and easy to maneuver through the store. The down fall is that many store isles (as in department type stores) are not wide enough to get this side by side through, but I’ll admit, there weren’t many that handled the regular stroller well either! One of my biggest downfalls of this stroller is the fact there are no parent or child snack or drink holders! However, there are other models that offer these features. This stroller is easy to fold and takes up considerably less room than the Graco. It also handles outdoor terrain well!