Denise Richards Turns Her Phone Off For Her Kids

Denise Richards takes her baby daughter Eloise to the park with older daughters Lola and Sam to watch Sam play soccerDenise Richards who has three daughters, Sam, Lola, and a five-month-old adopted daughter Eloise says she started to turn off her phone once a week.

“I recently started turning my phone off once a week and just spend that day with my kids with no outside distractions. I actually didn’t realize how much I used my phone until I turned it off! It’s a fantastic change I made and being present with my girls is the best gift I could give them . I think my daughters have taught me one of my biggest lessons in that I need to really enjoy the moment. Before I had my girls, I was always focused on the future and what was next without really soaking in what was going on around me now. It’s a wonderful thing for me to get back to.”

Richards admits it’s a constant battle for her to find the right balance between her kids and career.

“One of the questions I’m most often asked is how do I balance being a single working mom. I try to take the pressure off of myself of having to balance everything. It’s not always going to be that way and often something has to give. When I’m on set working long hours, I’m not always home for dinner. When my daughter has a soccer game on a Saturday, I make the choice to miss a work event. My children come first – they are my first priority . I like to think of it, at times, as organized chaos. I do my best to keep a harmonious home.”