Katie Holmes Dedicates An Entire Month To Suri’s Birthday

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Go ShoppingKatie Holmes dedicates an entire month to celebrating daughter Suri’s birthday.  She explains it is her favorite time.

“My daughter’s birthday is my favorite time of year and I like to dedicate April to her,” Katie said.

Holmes also admits that Suri helps plan her birthdays and is very good at it.

“Suri really helped to plan her party. I want her to be happy, so she picks out the things and we make the cake together.

“And she’s very, very good at it. She wanted her friends to come over, so we had a barbecue and she decorated all the tables and made cards for the little girls. It really was sweet. I don’t want to stop that.”

Katie loves to explore Suri’s creative side but admits their house suffers as a result of their “projects”.

“Suri and I do a lot of crafting projects, so there’s always something going on. As a matter of fact, there’s glitter all over our house,” she said.