Get WubbaNubs For Your Babies!

Get WubbaNubs For Your Babies!So, a few days ago we posted an article about Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their twins vacationing on a boat. Neil was holding his son Gideon, who was completely enchanted by this monkey-stuffed-animal-thing — a thing that I, at first, thought to be a straight-up binky. I couldn’t for the life of me commit: binky or stuffed monky. . . stuffed monkey or binky! *pulls hair out, starts to cry in confusion*

I understand every mom out there probably knew what it was right away . . . but for those out there who are still scratching their heads at night, or for those who are currently lacking kids (I resort to professionally and non-creepily stalking celebs’ children), the mystery HAS BEEN SOLVED!

Thanks to one of CBL’s fantastic readers, I now know this perplexing lil’ baby toy to be a WubbaNub, a stuffed-animal-pacifier hybrid. GENIUS!

We thought we’d bring this to your attention, not only because it’s the perfect combination of toy and function, but because if a celeb baby has one, THEN SO SHOULD YOUR BABY 🙂

Major props to Tina, our awesome reader who figured it out! As promised, I’ll be sending you your official CBL Gold Star. Look for it in your e-mail!