Patrick Dempsey Coaches Sons’ T Ball

Patrick Dempsey Coaches Sons' T Ball

As if Patrick Dempsey didn’t have enough to do between racing cars, sponsering his cancer foundation, hitting the big screen, or feeding the family’s pet donkey, Dempsey sat down with People Magazine to discuss his most recent past time. Patrick helps to coach his twin 4-year-old sons, Darby and Sullivan, T-ball.

“With the boys, we just finished T-Ball season. My brother-in-law and I were coaching, and a lot of other fathers and mothers were involved. We watch all these young kids improve, learning how to have fun and be competitive about it,” Patrick said.

T-ball is a more simple form of baseball and softball. It is used as a sport for kids too young to play other sports, but who want to be active. With rumors of his future on Grey’s Anatomy playing Derek Shepherd being on the rocks due to the approaching end of his contract, there is no question that the actor will find something to do in his spare time if he gets cut from the show.