British Pop Star Michelle Heaton Is Expecting!

British Pop Star Michelle Heaton Is Expecting!

Michelle Heaton, model and British pop star, and her husband Hugh Hanley are expecting to be proud parents in the not-so-distant future. This will be the couple’s first child and they’re both jumping over the moon with excitement. However, with Heaton’s current heart condition, the birth won’t be without risk.

“I can’t believe this is happening at last! In six months our lives are going to change forever!” she tweets.

On her condition, she had this to say:

“It means I’m a high-risk pregnancy, which is a bit of a worry. So far I’ve had two heart blocks where I almost passed out, and I get palpitations almost every day. I’m worried about how giving birth is going to affect it all.”

Celeb Baby Laundry wishes you well with your pregnancy journey. Be careful. Eat right. Stay Healthy. Good luck 🙂

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