Life According to Me, At 36 Weeks Pregnant

Life According to Me, at 36 Weeks PregnantToday, I’m 36 weeks pregnant. I only have one more week till I am considered full term.  That feels really good to hear!

I have up and down days. I barely sleep anymore, so I’m usually tired. My baby has moved into my pelvic area in preparation of birth. This has changed how I feel. The pressure above my rib cage subdued and I can actually get up the stairs without huffing and puffing.  However, the pain transferred down below! Yesterday, I literally felt like she was going to fall out the pressure was so bad. It was extremely uncomfortable when I stood. Needless to say I sat a lot 🙂  I also get Braxton hicks contraction when I sit up and go to the washroom sometimes. How pleasant!

This is right about the time pregnant women start to think of the day they will give birth. Usually, they think of the closest day possible! My husband and I have given it some thought and we both have our predictions. I want to give birth on July 15.  This date has been in my mind for the longest time.  Mother’s intuition? My husband thinks July 19. He is hoping for a little longer 🙂 We will see who is right!

Well, that’s it for this week.