Courteney Cox’s 7 Year Old Daughter Coco Dyes Her Hair Purple

Courteney Cox's 7 Year Old Daughter Dyes Her Hair Purple

Coco Arquette, Courteney Cox‘s seven year old daughter with David Arquette headed to the top salon and got purple  and blue streaks put in her hair.  Coco had it done for her seventh birthday.  It seems to me Coco is a little young to be dying her hair – what is she going to want next?

Coco’s Mom and Dad separated after 11 years of marriage last October but the pair seem to have been getting on better than ever in recent months. What do you think of Courteney letting her daughter dye her hair at seven years old.  Is she too young or is it just fun?  Celeb Baby Laundry wants to know!