Little People, Big World Spoilers: Tori Roloff’s Kids Easy Money Grab? Her Response!

Tori Roloff'

Little People, Big World spoilers suggest Tori Roloff is making an easy money grab. Fans accused her of using her kids for clicks. She often posts content about her kids on social media.

It’s done well for her. Last year, Tori celebrated the milestone of amassing over two million followers on Instagram. The TLC star has transitioned easily into her new role as an influencer.

Earlier this year, Tori and her husband Zach Roloff announced their departure from the series after Season 25. They want to distance themselves from the Roloff family. Now, fans believe she’s using her kids to make money. See what she had to say.

LPBW Fans Accuse Tori Roloff Of Shameless Cash Grab

Fans aren’t happy with Tori Roloff. They wish she would focus on her sponsorships and her Raising Heights podcasts. Some aren’t cool with her using her kids for an easy cash grab.

She’s been in the spotlight a lot lately. Fans are curious about her next move after leaving Little People, Big World. Tori uses Instagram to share updates on her family life. However, some fans believe she uses her kids to make money outside the show.

Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff often shares clips and photos of her kids on her Instagram Stories. Some fans call this move risky. Some argued that it was a desperate attempt to get clicks. They noticed times when the former reality star would share videos of her kids ending up in a dangerous situation.

Alternatively, Tori also shares their medical problems. Tori will find crafty ways to keep eyeballs on her content. LBPW fans slammed the partnerships and sponsorships she also shares amid these posts. Tori was accused of using her children to make easy money on social media.

Tori Roloff Slams the Haters

Tori Roloff doesn’t appreciate the accusations. She appeared on The Well Made Podcast with host Kat Kamalani. During the discussion, she shared her thoughts on motherhood and exiting Little People, Big World. The conversation shifted to Tori’s social media platform and sponsorships.

Kat asked Tori if her kids get paid for their appearances in ads. Tori responded with a “Yes and no.” First, she argued that her husband Zach Roloff is “very financially responsible.” The mom of three didn’t reveal how much they make, but hinted that their kids would be “set up to do what they need to do.”

Tori Roloff also denied the claims that she uses her kids to increase engagement and revenue. She uses social media in a way that they would benefit the most from it. What are your thoughts on Tori’s response to the criticism? Sound off below in the comment section.

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