GH Alum Ryan Paevey Apologizes To Fans For “Mistake” Comment Made On Instagram Story

General Hospital: Ryan Raevey (ex-Nathan West)

General Hospital (GH) alum, Ryan Raevey (ex-Nathan West) recently posted a video on Instagram, where he seemed to apologize to the Hallmark Channel for comments he made on his IG Story. More details are down below.

GH Alum Ryan Paevey’s Apology Instagram Video

Paevey recently shared frustration with the acting world on his Instagram Story and also noted he was not going to participate in the RomaDrama Halloween & Harvest Festival.

With that being said, Ryan hopped on Instagram after the fact and posted a video to set the record straight. He felt the need to clarify some details from his IG Story and apologize for the information he placed on there.

In the video that was posted on Wednesday, June 19, Paevey states, “I have to rectify something. The last time I did a Live, we were talking about films that were being rerun and I said that I didn’t earn residuals on those. I’ve since been educated by my team and by my union. So, I have to tell you guys that was my mistake. We do earn residuals.”

General Hospital: Ryan Raevey (ex-Nathan West)

GH Alum Ryan Paevey Seemingly Apologizes To Hallmark

Ryan would go on to provide details on how his contract works. While he does get residuals, those are provided in advance. He adds in the IG video, “The nature of my employment was unique because we are in contract. And that’s kind of a unique thing in the industry. I didn’t understand the way that the things were broken down, the way we earn residuals.

When you are in a contract, there is a significant percentage of it that counts as an advance against residuals when films are rerun. And I did not understand this structure. So what I said was inaccurate. So that was my mistake.”

Paevey did not name the network, but as most know, all of his films since Unleashing Mr. Darcy have been with Hallmark. As such, fans assumed his residual confusion was regarding Hallmark, and thus, his apology was not only directed to his followers but that network, too.

Paevey played Nathan West on GH from 2013 to 2018. While many fans would love to see him return to the land of Port Charles, this doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

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