Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Konstantin Teases There’s An Enemy, Who Is It?

Days Of Our Lives: Konstantin Meleounis (John Kapleos)

According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers, Konstantin Meleounis (John Kapleos) teased there’s an enemy among them. Who could it be? New theories have come out ever since he made this declaration. Keep on reading to learn more.

Days of Our Lives: Salem Packed With Enemies

In the recent episode, Konstantin Meleounis suggested there’s an enemy in the midst. He’ll make everyone think he’s talking about John Black (Drake Hogestyn) instead of Theresa Donovan (Emily O’Brien). Theories were introduced on the Soap Central message boards.

DOOL fans have ideas on who everyone will suspect. Most of them agree that they will suspect John instead of Theresa. He acted like he was brainwashed in a recent episode of Days of Our Lives. People will find out about Theresa. This could hurt her chances of marrying Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson).

“My gut says it’s going to be John. As far as the person who kidnapped Victoria, I don’t know how Theresa is going to escape that one. Maybe Ava will somehow get blamed,” one user noted.

Days Of Our Lives: Konstantin Meleounis (John Kapleos)

“I think he may have been talking about John, but who knows who else is lurking out and about, besides John and Theresa? Especially if John makes it to Greece,” another fan wrote.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest Konstantin is suggesting John. But it’s Salem. There could be someone else who’s lurking around. Some fans speculated that John will find that Catharina (Ellie Patrikios) is alive once he gets to Greece. She’s been on the run from Konstantin.

Konstantin Meleounis Paying for Sins?

Meanwhile, fans noticed that Konstantin isn’t playing with a full deck. He confessed to killing Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston). He also ordered the pawn to kill Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) in front of everyone. John’s need for revenge and to hurt people overrides his need for freedom.

“Constantine [SIC] had the potential to be a better villain, but I’m hoping something can be salvaged from the remaining story, of his actions with Theresa and the name change of who inherits. That story is the only one I can stand watching Theresa in, in his version otherwise is as bad as the original,” one fan noted.

“I am happy he’s exposed, but it def felt like the writing team just wanted to wrap this up,” another user noted.

According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers, all they had on Konstantin was the embezzlement from the trust fund. He doesn’t care about getting caught. What are your thoughts on what Konstantin said? Who are the enemies he’s talking about? Sound off below in the comment section.

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