General Hospital Spoilers: TJ and Molly Begin to Reconsider Kristina’s Generous Offer — But is it Still on the Table?

General Hospital Spoilers: TJ and Molly Begin to Reconsider Kristina's Generous Offer — But is it Still on the Table?General Hospital Spoilers report TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) and Molly Lansing Davis (Kristen Vaganos) aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye right now on their future.

They both want a child, but the miscarriage hit TJ harder than either of them expected. He’s not ready to move on and pick another surrogate from a catalog. Molly, unwilling to give him more time, has taken it upon herself to start looking for a surrogate on her own. But she knows it doesn’t feel right, and she understands TJ’s hesitation.

What if the next surrogate has a miscarriage and also can’t handle it — the same way Andrea Gates (Lily Anne Harrison) couldn’t? As Molly and TJ struggle to find anyone they feel as comfortable with as they did with Andrea, they may find themselves defaulting back to reconsidering someone closer to home.

General Hospital Spoilers — All in the Family

When TJ and Molly first announced they would be seeking surrogacy as a means to having a child, their own family couldn’t have been happier for them. Kristina Corinthos Davis (Kate Mansi) even went so far as to offer herself as a surrogate, but TJ and Molly didn’t like that idea.

Molly immediately felt like Kristina made their journey all about herself, and she couldn’t fathom moving through the whole pregnancy feeling that way if they picked her to carry their child.

GH Spoilers Say Things are on the Mend

While that conversation — and the rejection of Kristina’s offer — led to the sisters being on the outs for a while, all was well and good once Andrea found out she was pregnant with their baby.

Kristina was thrilled for the couple, and Molly was no longer on edge about the situation. Since then, they’re aired their feelings to each other and made up. In fact, they’ve been getting along rather swimmingly — better than they usually do. Kristina has been there for her sister during the difficult time since learning Andrea lost their baby.

This may lead to a shift in the way Molly feels about her sister now, and subsequently, in the way she feels about Kristina’s previous offer to be a surrogate.

General Hospital Spoilers: TJ and Molly Begin to Reconsider Kristina's Generous Offer — But is it Still on the Table?

General Hospital Spoilers — Blaze Changed Things

Part of TJ’s hesitation to pick another surrogate is because Andrea dipped out following the miscarriage, citing it as too painful to risk going through again.

He doesn’t want to go through this again either, but he definitely doesn’t want to get his hopes up about finding the right person to carry their baby only to have her abandon them in their time of grief and need.

Maybe that would make him feel all the more comfortable with choosing Kristina to fill that role, but it’s not going to be as easy and saying yes now. When Kristina first made that offer, she was single and pursuing the building of her LGBTQIA+ youth center.

Now, she’s found someone she’s interested in — Blaze (Jacqueline Lopez) — and she just might return Kristina’s feelings. Will her budding romance with Blaze change the way she feels about giving up the next nine months or better of her life for TJ and Molly? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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