90 Day Fiance: Ariel Brovarnik Gets Too Much Brotherly Love?

90 Day Fiance: Ariel Brovarnik Gets Too Much Brotherly Love?

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik has three adorable children now: Shai (3), Asher (2), and Ariel, (10 months). Fans and her parents love all of the kids, but for Loren, Ariel is special as she’s her only daughter. The boys love their baby sister as well, but it seems that she could do with less loving attention from them. So, what happened? Read on to find out.

90 Day Fiance: Ariel Brovarnik And The Boys

When TLC fans first met Ariel, she had been in the NICU for a while. Actually, some people gave Loren a difficult time on social media because of that. Mind you, who knows what motivates trolls? Anyway, she got home, and a few months later, the little girl started to look a lot like her mom. Alexei is a great dad, and fans really love him a lot. But at first, all of the kids looked like his clones. Over time though, Ariel takes on more of her mom’s features. Loren sometimes tells her followers that her daughter is her “bestie.”

90 Day Fiance fans are very familiar with Shai who first became loved when he appeared on Pillow Talk with his mom and dad. He’s growing up fast these days, and he’s already learned how to swim. Meanwhile, Asher is still at the cute age where he can giggle at anything. Actually, Ariel also has a charming smile But, she wasn’t that interested in smiling when her brothers gave her too much loving attention.

90 Day Fiance: Ariel Brovarnik Objectes To her Brothers

On July 12, Loren took to her Instagram Stories and shared a lot of video clips and photos of the kids. In one batch, her daughter looked totally miserable. Whether the boys went to comfort her, or if their loving attention made her miserable wasn’t clear. But for certain, she was a very unhappy little girl. Ariel looked sad as Shai and Asher each went on one side of her and started giving her hugs.

90 Day Fiance Ariel Brovarnik Gets Too Much Brotherly Love
Loren Brovarnik / Instagram Stories (4)

The 90 Day Fiance kiddos didn’t seem to be bullying their little sister, but she clearly hated them being all over her. Probably she just wanted to go to her mom. Or perhaps she is teething. Well, the boys persisted, and Loren captioned them with “How it started,” and “They really love each other.” Well looking at baby girl, you’d never know it.

How It Is Going With Ariel

Eventually, Asher gave up trying to comfort and love his sister. So, he took to sucking his thumb instead. That came when it looked like Shai refused to let her go. However, when Loren captioned the next photo with “How it’s going,” her daughter had cheered up a bit. The very tiniest smile appeared on her little face. Mind you she still looked annoyed at the same time.

Growing Up With Brothers

90 Day Fiance fans who grew up with brothers probably hope that when she gets a bit older, Ariel will give them a hard time. She looks like she could fight them off once she grows a little bit. One thing that TLC fans know, is that Loren Brovarnik seems quite tough, and that toughness might pass on to her daughter.

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