Little People, Big World Spoilers: Why Is Audrey Roloff Throwing Shade At Matt Roloff’s New Home

Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Audrey Roloff has been throwing major shade at her father-in-law, Matt Roloff ever since he began building his dream home. Not only that, he has made an interesting choice with the farm that he out on the market for $4 million. Audrey decided that it was time for her to chime in on what was going on with Matt and her fans were pretty shocked at what was said. Many of them didn’t know that she felt this way and it was a surprise to them all.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Audrey Roloff’s Newest Instagram Post

Audrey took to Instagram to share her feelings on what Matt is doing with the farm. One of her fans asked her, “Do you ever visit the Roloff Farm? I love the way you never trash-talk your family.” To answer the question, Audrey shared a picture of their wedding apple tree that is planted on Roloff’s farm. She then answered the question, “We actually don’t often. The original farm is being rented as a short-term rental. But we did go the other day for Matt to see his grandkids for a bit and see the house that he’s building. And definitely don’t believe in trash-talking families. Or anyone for that matter.”

Even though Audrey told her fans that she would never trash-talk her family, it did seem as if she was hinting that she didn’t like the idea of the farm being a short-term rental. This was the decision that Matt made when he couldn’t sell it for $4 million. This is what began all of the tension within the family and with Matt and his sons, Jeremy and Zach Roloff.

Matt Roloff

Little People Big World Updates – Audrey Roloff And Farm Memories

When Audrey was on LPBW, she made a lot of memories there with Jeremy. They were married on the farm and her children love to visit. In fact, she asked her fans for help with the removal of the apple tree that they planted when they got married. She wrote to fans, “This is the apple tree that was given to us as a wedding gift by my best friend, and it’s now almost nine years old. We planted it on Roloff Farms after we got married. We are trying to figure out if there is a way to transport it to our property without shocking it too much.”

It seems as if Audrey still has a lot of love for Matt and the farm even though it may seem as if she threw major shade his way. We will continue to keep an eye on any other posts from her about Roloff Farms.

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