OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Drops Video Pranking The Quints

Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans know that it’s often Uncle Dale Mills who pranks the quints but Adam Busby seldom misses a chance. In fact, Blayke isn’t excluded from his naughtiness. This weekend, Adam, who’d just gotten back from Nepal was looking for footage to share on YouTube. However, he found an old video of himself pranking the little girls. So, he posted it up for fans to see.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Is Back From Nepal And Posting

Adam seems like a great dad but he does love to prank the kids a lot. Of course, Halloween is always a good time but the kids grow suspicious and they’re not so easy to frighten at seven years old. Mind you, he did manage to terrify Blayke’s friends recently. Still, the kids adore their dad, and they can’t wait for him to get home when he travels away. Recently, he went to Nepal for a Christian convention but he’s back now and putting videos together.

OutDaughtered fans saw that when Adam got back from Nepal, all of the kids and Danielle plus one of their pups gathered around him. Parker was front and center of course, as she’s a really little daddy’s girl. The kids had made a big welcome home sign to celebrate the day. Naturally, fans hoped that now he’s home, they might see a video on It’s A Buzz World about his trip. Instead, they got a throwback video of him pranking the kids.

OutDaughtered Fans See Adam Prank The Quints Who Were Little

In his video, Adam Busby told his fans that he was looking for Nepal videos when he came across an old one. He couldn’t recall how old the quints were. However, he thought they must have been “about three.” Next, he revealed it was the old  “Poop Prank” that trended for a bit on social media.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Drops New Video Pranking The Quints
It’s A Buzz World / YouTube

OutDaughtered fans might recall that the prank involved getting something that looked like poop. Then they’d smear it on others. Ultimately, it would end up on someone else who was disgusted. With Adam, he felt that when he filmed it that it “was a fail.” However, now the kids are older, it’s not too bad. Taking a big bottle of peanut butter, he went into the closet and closed the door. First, he yelled for Olivia to bring him “a roll of toilet paper.” Anyway, it was Parker who came and she was the first to get “poop” on her arm. “Eeww” is a word she already knew.

Parker Warned The Other Kids

OutDaughtered fans saw that Parker really was disgusted and wouldn’t smell her hand. But, eventually, Adam showed her the peanut butter. He told her not to tell the other quints because he wanted to trick them as well. Next, he caught Riley out. However, they apart from Parker, the others just play-acted because Parker had told them what to expect. In a way, it was a failure, but it was also a prank turned back on the TLC star.

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