Little People, Big World Spoilers: Isabel Roloff Feels Lost

Isabel Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Isabel Roloff has shared some interesting posts in the last few days on Instagram. She has been posting about her mother, who passed away from breast cancer a few years ago. She has reflected on being a mother and now it turns out that she is telling her fans that she feels ‘lost’ and as if she has no direction. Let’s find out what’s going on with her.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – The Instagram Posts

This week, Isabel shared a photo of herself with a tree that was blossoming. She had her hand on her hip and she was smiling. She wrote, “I like the person I’m becoming. Years ago, I didn’t like myself. It was hard to look in the mirror, to face who I was. I felt incredibly lost with no direction and my dreams felt out of reach.” She went on to tell her fans that she now feels compassion for herself and doesn’t seem to have the same pressures that she did once before.

This post comes shortly after a few that had her fans concerned. She did ask her fans for some help with daily self-affirmations. She wanted to use these to help boost her confidence. She admitted that she wasn’t feeling as if she was doing the best job as a mother. She then told her fans that she was currently going through a really hard time and just trying to get through it at this point.

Isobel Roloff

Little People, Big World Updates – The Affirmations From Fans

It didn’t take long for fans to start to share their affirmations with her. One told her, “One day at a time.” Isabel then wrote, “Thanks! This is more so what I was looking for, not parenting advice. I KNOW I’m a good mom, I was just curious how you remind yourself… Affirmations really click for me and it helps me to say them out loud sometimes.”

Just days before she asked for help, she wrote to her fans, “I am currently going through easily one of the weirdest/ hardest times of my life right now. Each day feels like a marathon. If this is you too, you are not alone. Brighter days are ahead, I can feel it.”

It turns out that Isabel’s fans continue to show her support and many of them are also mothers. These fans can understand exactly what she is going through right now and they often send her kind and compassionate messages to help her get through these tough times.

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