General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Will Mourning Ryan’s Death Cause Kevin To Dip Into His Darker Side?

General Hospital: Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease more surprises in the land of Port Chuckles. As Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) continues to mourn the passing of his brother Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), will he eventually feel some closure, or will he tap into his twin’s darker side?

General Hospital Spoilers – Ryan Chamberlain’s Traumatic Childhood Will Soften Kevin Collins’ Stance On His Brother

It’s been a long while since General Hospital has explained why Kevin and Ryan were so different. During a scene that took place between Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner), Laura Collins (Genie Francis), and Kevin, Mr. Collins explained how Ryan was raised by his abusive mother, while he was fortunate enough to be raised by their stable father.

Despite the terror he caused in Port Charles, Kevin has a soft spot for his brother. How can he not? Even though the two were both night and day, twins naturally share a bond. After all, Kevin hid Ryan’s existence when everyone thought he had died, to protect him from the police and Port Charles’s public wrath. Kevin is likely not only mourning Ryan’s death but what a waste of his life was. After all, could things be different if he grew up with his mom, and Ryan lived with their dad? While Kevin and Mac Scorpio (John J. York) had a nice chat on the March 13th episode, it’s hard for fans not to think that Mr. Collins may still hold resentment against Mac for shooting his brother. Could these feelings turn into negative thoughts of dark revenge?

General Hospital: Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom)

General Hospital Updates – Kevin Collins’ Resentment Against Mac Scorpio Evolves Into Something Ugly

Kevin is undeniably struggling right now. He’s lost his brother, and while he and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) haven’t been together for a long while, he’s also mourning her loss right now. Laura and Felicia had a talk about bringing their husbands up to speed on the safe house and all that’s going on. After all, Mac has an inkling of what may be going on, but he’s not exactly in “the know”.

If Felicia reveals the truth to Mac, before Laura has a chance to talk to Kevin, this may trigger the resentment Collins is holding. He may feel like an outsider in his own group of friends and start to understand just where Ryan was coming from, all along. Could Kevin do something very outside his personality? Would he cause any harm to Laura, Felicia, or even Mac? What if he has an internal “snap” when he learns he’s been lied to about Coe, during a time when he’s struggling with the loss of his twin?

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