General Hospital Spoilers: Stella Won’t Stop Pushing Back Until Jordan Tells Her the Truth

General Hospital Spoilers: Stella Won’t Stop Pushing Back Until Jordan Tells Her the Truth

General Hospital spoilers hint Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) knows something is amiss with Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper), but she can’t quite put her finger on what it is. Jordan continues to pretend that everything is fine, but Stella has come to know her better than she thinks the last few years.

Ever since the divorce paper debacle, Jordan and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) haven’t been as friendly toward one another, and Stella thinks it’s high time that stopped. Of course, this isn’t the best time to meddle in Curtis’ love life, but his auntie will have had no idea when she pushed Jordan for the truth that it had anything to do with him.

General Hospital Spoilers — What’s Wrong With Jordan?

Stella and Jordan are pretty good friends these days. In fact, some would say Stella still considers Jordan a part of the family, even if Curtis has been rather absent from Jordan’s orbit for a while now. When Stella and Jordan make time to reconnect, it’ll be apparent that the last thing Jordan wants to discuss is Curtis’ upcoming wedding with Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr). Stella has become rather convinced that Jordan must not be as over Curtis as she claims to be, and she won’t hold back in questioning Jordan about it. When Jordan blurts out the truth about her feelings for Portia being the problem, rather than feelings for Curtis, things are bound to get interesting.

GH Spoilers Say Stella Goes on a Hunt

Jordan will feel backed into a corner and she knows Stella isn’t going to rest until she knows what Jordan’s beef with Portia is all about. When she reveals the information she came to know about Trina Robinson’s (Tabyana Ali) questionable paternity, Stella will be beside herself. Of course, she’s going to hope and pray this is all a misunderstanding, but Jordan will assure her it isn’t as she’s already had some heated conversations about it with Portia. When Stella realizes Portia is knowingly keeping this from Curtis and intends to marry him anyway, Stella is going to promise Jordan it won’t happen on her watch — and she will mean it.

General Hospital Spoilers — A Valentine’s Day Massacre

Stella isn’t keen on busting up her nephew’s life without a good reason to. She trusts Jordan’s word, but she knows if she lays this question on Portia right now, it will be obvious that Stella only knows because Jordan told her.

So, Stella will have to lay the foundation for clues that lead her to discover it on her own, and she thinks that might start by hopping back online and using the ancestry research tools that led her to find her long-lost cousin a few years back. When she connects the dots that lead to Trina — knowing she also used these tools for a school research project — she’ll have the evidence she needs to open the discussion with Curtis and Portia. But will it happen before their wedding day? Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers to discover how this storyline pans out.