Malta – Get Paid To Visit This Summer


The Malta Tourism Authority is offering a financial incentive to visitors this summer, hoping to attract 35,000 travelers.

Malta is a pretty archipelago with plenty to offer visitors, including sunshine, beaches, hidden coves, prehistoric temples, fortresses, and more. In an aim to attract much-needed visitors this summer, the Malta Tourism Authority is making it worth their while through its Incentives for Free Independent Travelers program.

It’s Worth Your While To Visit Malta This Summer

It has been quiet in Malta during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but now the European island nation is aiming to attract visitors again. In fact, the Malta Tourism Authority is hoping to attract 35,000 visitors this summer via its Incentives for Free Independent Travelers program. Malta has set aside €3.5m ($4.2m) towards the program.


Malta hopes the new scheme will incentivize independent travelers heading to the Maltese Islands for a minimum of three nights’ stay. Basically, visitors will directly book their vacation stays in three-, four- and five-star hotels.

Travelers choosing to stay at five-star hotels will receive €100 ($120) per person towards the cost of their stay, while those staying at four-star hotels will receive €75 ($90) per person. Those visitors staying at three-star hotels will get €50 ($60) per person off each booking.

Meanwhile, the participating hotels will be expected to match the incentive amount given by Malta Tourism Authority. The same amount of money must be allocated to each visitor to be spent on accommodation, food, and beverages, along with other services offered by the hotel.

On top of this incentive, travelers heading to hotels on the island of Gozo will be granted an additional 10 percent on these incentives.


When Is Malta Opening To Visitors?

The Malta Tourism Authority is aiming to open the country to tourism from June 1 and they expect most of the country’s COVID-19 restrictions to have been lifted by that stage.

Meanwhile, the rules of entry to Malta currently depend on which country the traveler is coming from. It will depend on where that country is currently listed on the EU traffic lights system.

What Can You Expect In Malta?

For a small archipelago, Malta certainly packs in a lot to see and do. First, there is the varied coastline, with its looming cliffs and sheltered bays, with crystal clear water and beautiful red-gold beaches. Malta’s marinas are packed with boats, offered trips on a yacht or speedboat. Just catching a ferry across Grand Harbour in Valletta is a fun and magical experience.

Divers and snorkelers are spoiled for choice, with an underwater world of crags, caves, and shipwrecks. Meanwhile, walking trails on the island take visitors to historic sites and isolated coves.

With Malta’s strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean, it has attracted much history which can be seen in above and below ground defenses. Malta’s capital, Valletta was built by the Knights of St. John, while Mdina and Victoria are smaller hilltop towns. Malta’s fishing boats also reflect the island’s history, as they each have eyes painted on their prows, just like their Phoenician predecessors did.

The prehistoric sites of Malta and Gozo are fascinating to visit with their prehistoric temples and fascinating sculptures and miniature figurines that have survived millennia and can be seen in Malta’s museums.

Readers can find more information about the Incentives for Free Independent Travelers scheme and current travel restrictions on the Malta Tourism Authority website.

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