3 Top Places To Eat Pizza In The World

Top Places To Eat Pizza

Many people say the best place to eat pizza is in Italy, its place of origin, but several unique outlets serve pizza worldwide and some have to be seen to be believed.

Invented in Italy, pizza has become a popular dish all over the world. Many say the best place to eat a pie is in its place of origin, but several unique outlets serve pizza worldwide. Here we list three of the top places to enjoy a delicious pizza.

1. Pizza Pi, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Enjoy a delicious pizza in a Caribbean paradise. Pizza Pi is a floating pizzeria with no fixed address. The best way to access the pizzeria is by dinghy, chartered boat, or swimming. Obviously, the latter might get the treat a little soggy!

Top Places To Eat Pizza

Pizza Pi is the only “food truck boat” in the Caribbean. The boat has been specially fitted with a commercial kitchen to serve up New York-style pizzas. Orders are easy to place by boat, phone, email, or radio. However, collecting your order can be a little more difficult. The boat normally anchors in Christmas Cove off the east end of St. Thomas. They do offer a delivery service via their dinghy, which can act as a dining room where pizzas can also be enjoyed by the occasional swimmer.

The floating pizzeria was invented by Sasha Bouis, a mechanical engineer turned boat captain. He worked with Tara Bouis, a teacher who has become an award-winning yacht chef. It took them two years to restore an abandoned boat. They then added a double brick-line pizza oven, solar panels, and hood ventilation.

The pizza boat was sold to Heather and Brian Samelson in 2018 who, according to locals and visitors alike, have kept up the tradition of serving up top-notch pizza.

Top Places To Eat Pizza

2. Suncrest Gardens Pizza Farm, Cochrane, Wisconsin

Since the late 1990s, a new agricultural trend has started in the Midwest of the USA. The trend is pizza farms. Obviously, this doesn’t involve pizzas springing up from the earth. However, for truly fresh ingredients, it is definitely the next best thing.

Pizza farms are cropping up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where the farms host pizza nights, serving up pies cooked in wood-fired ovens and made from their own produce. Even the toppings are locally sourced.

In the case of Suncrest Gardens Farm and others, the pizza nights serve to add additional income for small farms. Pizzas are served picnic-style and visitors bring their own plates and utensils, as well as chairs, blankets, and towels to get comfortable while they eat. Diners are also expected to clean up after themselves. Anyone worried about animals interfering in their meal is assured the farm creatures are safely locked away from diners.

Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, Arizona

3. Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, Arizona

This is probably the most unique pizza venue ever. Located in Mesa, Arizona, it isn’t a pizza shop with an organ inside – it’s something different and unique. Organ Stop Pizza is an organ music show where pizza is served. Every night, the largest ever-theater pipe organ rises from the depths into the center of a 700-seat dining room. Theater organists entertain while patrons dine on pizza, pasta, and other delicious snacks, while surrounded by spotlights, disco balls, and lighting effects.

The organ is also linked to a startling collection of glockenspiels, xylophones, cymbals, and gongs. The experience has been described by some as comparing to a first visit to the Grand Canyon. Organ Stop Pizza has been described by a YouTuber as “American eccentrics at its finest.”

Patrons enjoy music like “The Flight of the Bumblebee, the soundtrack of The Sound of Music, Lion King and the Wizard of Oz, and even the opening theme of Star Wars. To be totally patriotic, God Bless America”  is also regularly played.

Enjoy delicious pizza with the filling of your choice at one of these unique and enjoyable locations in the world!

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