Trisha Yearwood Gives COVID Health Update To Her Fans

Trisha Yearwood

It has been all good news for Trisha Yearwood in recent weeks. The top of it has to be her declaration of her negative COVID-19 status.

I’m Now Officially Negative To The Coronavirus!

You could tell from her post that she was in a joyous mood. She just had to share her news. Country singer, 56-year-old Trisha Yearwood recently revealed that she was COVID-19 negative via a post on her Facebook wall. In a two-point message, she thanked her family, friends, and fans for their constant prayer and support when was down with the coronavirus.

The second part of her Facebook post was full of praise for her husband, Garth Brooks, who never got infected by the coronavirus. Trisha said her husband was a strong pillar of support during the trying times of the pandemic, keeping them both safe, as well as their daughters with his “Superman strength”.

Upcoming Recipe Book

Her Facebook post which expressed love for her husband, family, and her numerous fans, was written underneath a selfie with a copy of her soon-to-be-released recipe book, Trisha’s Kitchen. The recipe book according to Trisha will be officially released on the 28th of September, this year. She asked her fans to give an opinion on the design of the book’s front cover.

All About Trisha’s Kitchen

This past Monday, Trisha talked about her upcoming book of recipes in an exclusive interview with an online lifestyle magazine. Trisha revealed that her cooking style was well suited to the unusual experiences of months of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, as she was brought up to see the beauty in simplicity. She said basic cooking ingredients are always available in her refrigerator, like frozen meat, pizza, and dried peas. This helped her to cope well without having to go to the grocery shop during the early weeks of the coronavirus lockdown across the country.

According to the country singer, her recipe book, Trisha’s Kitchen, is filled with great stories about some recipes she stumbled upon from family and friends, as well as practical recipes that could be made from basic, everyday ingredients. The book will also reveal why her recipes are so important to her as a person.

The Secret Behind Garth’s Teriyaki Bowls

Garth Teriyaki Bowls anyone? Ever heard of it? Well, you will when you get a copy of the country singer’s book, Trisha’s Kitchen. When asked about the story behind her recipes, Trisha had a lot to say. For instance, she revealed that one of the recipes in her upcoming book, Garth’s Teriyaki Bowls, was derived from a family trip to Tulsa.

She said her husband, Garth, usually takes her and their daughters to eat out at a particular sushi place located in a town in Tulsa, where they made Teriyaki bowls. The recipe in her book is an innovative idea she had from eating the meal, which she improved upon. It happens to be a favorite meal of her husband.