Sweet Home Sextuplets Spoilers: The Waldrop Family Loves To Play ‘Musical Beds’

Sweet Home Sextuplets spoilers and updates tease that Courtney Waldrop loves to show off her sense of humor. She is the mother of nine after all, so she has got to have one, right? In a recent post on social media, she joked about how sometimes they play “musical beds” in the house.

Swee Home Sextuplets Spoilers – The Sextuplets’ Fun

Courtney loves to share photos of the sextuplets and keep their fans posted on the happenings in their lives. Many of her posts give us a better idea of what happens day to day in their Alabama home and it always seems so happy and fun. We all know that life with nine children isn’t always so easy though.

On March 2, Courtney posted a really cute photo of the sextuplets in her bed. She captioned the photo, “Sometimes we wake up to two kids in bed with us… sometimes 3,4,5,6,7,8 kids. We play musical beds and it’s always a surprise who you will wake up to at our house. I’m thankful for these days of sweet snuggles and cuddles with our little loves.” Many of her fans could relate to the statement and the pictures.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Updates – Their Beautiful Family

Of course, all of Courtney’s fans were so happy to see her in this picture with all of her sweet children. Fans praised her for being so strong to raise these children and told her that her family was absolutely beautiful.

Some fans talked about how her pictures steal their hearts every time and that they were so blessed to have a large and wonderful family.

As we have seen on Sweet Home Sextuplets, it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, and raising nine children isn’t easy. The Waldrops definitely take their time to make it look easy and we enjoy it when they share these sweet pictures of their children on Instagram. You can follow them there for updates as well.

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