Iceland Welcomes Vaccinated Travellers From More Countries


Good news for travelers who have been longing to visit beautiful Iceland! Iceland is the first EU/Schengen area country to welcome vaccinated passengers from all over the world. Up until recently, visitors from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland were not welcome in Iceland. Now, they are more than welcome, as long as they can prove they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This includes travelers from the US, who are still unable to visit many destinations in the world.

Vaccinated Travelers Welcome In Iceland

Travelers from within the EEA and Switzerland who have not been vaccinated can still visit Iceland. However, in that case, they are required to pre-register and take two COVID-19 tests after arrival, and quarantine for five or six days.

Any travelers who can present an approved digital or paper vaccination certificate from any country are now welcome and exempt from official border restrictions. They will not be required to undergo screening or testing on arrival in Iceland. However, the vaccine must have been certified by the European Medical Agency, under chief epidemiologist of Iceland and Icelandic regulations.


Iceland had previously decided in December to allow qualifying visitors to avoid quarantine and testing if they could prove that they had previously tested positive for COVID-19 and had recovered. This option still applies to EU/EEA citizens.

Hoping For A ‘Slow And Safe Return To Normalcy’

Icelandic prime minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir made a recent media statement. She said, “The world has been through a lot in the past twelve months and we are all hoping for a slow and safe return to normalcy.” The prime minister said that this also includes the resumption of the opportunity to travel, as this is valuable to “culture, trade, and enterprise.” She added that the decision to apply border exemptions for vaccinated individuals in countries outside the EU/EEA area is a “logical extension” to their current policy.


Highlights Of Iceland

When it comes to travel, this under-populated island near the top of the world is a destination in the making. Its unique landscapes include volcanoes, geysers, rivers, glaciers, waterfalls, and mountains. This is a land of fresh, crisp clean air, so unusual when compared to many major cities in the world.

Those who appreciate nature will thoroughly enjoy touring this beautiful place or taking time to soak in a geothermal lagoon when the air is chilly out there. Gazing at shining glaciers and spending evenings enjoying the aurora borealis or the soft hues of the midnight sun is truly something out of this world.

However, Iceland isn’t only about the great outdoors. Culture lovers will also appreciate this Nordic country. Visual art and live music are found everywhere, along with beautiful handicrafts and delicious, healthy cuisine.

This busy nation has worked hard to recover from financial upheavals due to the pandemic. They have transformed Iceland into a top destination that is able to host more than six times its own population each year.

If you are planning to visit, further information about vaccinations, quarantine, and other entry regulations can be seen on the Government of Iceland’s official website.

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