Daytime Soap Themes That Fans Love and Hate

Soap Operas

Soap Opera fans all around have their favorite storylines, plot twists, characters, love scenes, and shows.

However, there is one thing that many fans express that they love or hate. Soap fans have their favorite recurring themes, and we have a list of them.

In the soap opera business, the storylines are obvious and everyone watching knows what is about to happen. The plots of soap operas are made to have fans thinking about what will happen next.

Sometimes there is an evil twin, someone is back from the dead, amnesia, cheating, murder, and someone being possessed by a demon.

Whatever the storyline, fans have made it known what themes they love and which ones they hate.


One recurring theme from soap operas is amnesia. How many characters have fit into this category? To some, it never gets old, but to many fans, amnesia is played out and over with. This theme is one that fans do not like.

Soap Opera

Evil Twin

Believe it or not, the evil twin plot has been around for years and years. Soaps did not come up with this theme either. The evil twin plot simply comes out of nowhere and it is entertaining. However, the evil twin plot can only go for so long. It loses its luster very quickly.

Fans like the evil twin plot, as long as it is not boring and played out. The actors love to try out new scenarios and evil twin plots are always a fun journey for them.

Split Personalities

Split personalities are another theme that never seems to get old. Dissociative Identity Disorder is a theme that fans like. TV’s One Life To Live toyed with this theme for years. There were several characters on this show who suffered from DID.

Back From The Dead

Soaps often have actors leave and come back, negotiating contracts, etc. When this occurs, the writers have to figure out what storyline to write. When your favorite character dies on the screen, that does not mean, they are dead.

The back from the dead storyline is one theme that fans are interested in and gets fans glued to their screens. When your favorite character gets into a car accident, if the body is never found, that is a sign of this recurring theme.

Paternity Switch

Last but not least, the paternity switches up. This is a theme that we cannot get enough of. When characters become pregnant but are hiding something, generally it is the paternity of the child. The webs of lies and deceit that go with this theme can give the writers months to work with.

Since soaps began, there have been themes that we could not get enough of, these are the main recurring themes from the soaps operas we all know and love.