Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers Next Week: Anna Saves Abigail, Distracts Chad As Gwen’s Stuffed Into Hiding Spot

Days Of Our Lives: Anna DiMera (Leann Hunley)

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease that for the week of March 8 reveal that Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) is nearly busted. When Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) gets nosy, Anna DiMera (Leann Hunley) distracts him while Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) is stuffed and crammed into a hiding spot. How long will this shenanigan go on for and could Abigail end up going too far?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Anna DiMera Stumbles Upon Hostage

DOOL spoilers reveal that Abigail and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) kidnap Gwen. They take her to the mansion and dump her in the DiMera tunnels. Anna happens to go down there, probably to get another bottle of wine, and makes a startling discovery. She stumbles upon a hostage and it just happens to be Gwen. Now, Anna is a good person but she’s not a fan of Gwen. In fact, she was the one that warned Abigail that Gwen wasn’t as nice as she pretended to be. So, she won’t be helping Gwen get out of her predicament.

Chad DiMera Suspicious

While Abigail and Gabi are sneaking around with a hostage hidden in the DiMera home, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) gets suspicious. He sees Abigail and Gabi together, but they aren’t taking jabs at each other, and aren’t fighting. He knows right away that they are up to something. Chad figures that if Abigail and Gabi are working together, then it can’t be anything good. There’s a reason why Chad hasn’t been told what is going on, but he’s determined to find out his wife’s secret.

Days Of Our Lives: Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) 

Days Of Our Lives Updates – Protecting Abigail DiMera

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chad goes snooping around and almost catches Abigail with her hostage. However, Anna jumps in and saves the day! She distracts Chad and tries to redirect him to another area of the mansion. That way, Abigail and Gabi can shove Gwen into a hiding spot.

Punishing Gwen Rizczech

It is teased that when Gwen first regains consciousness and finds out she’s a hostage, Abigail demands something from her. She wants Gwen to admit to murdering Laura Horton (Jaime Lyn Bauer). However, that’s probably not going to happen no matter what Abigail and Gabi do to her. Gwen has told a lot of lies, but she will never admit to something she didn’t do. When Gwen says that Laura dying was an accident and not murder, she’s probably telling the truth. But that won’t matter to Abigail. Her grandmother is dead and she wants justice.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – The Return Of ‘Gabigail’?

During the next two weeks, Abigail will start to unravel. Even though Chad is worried about his wife, Abigail will insist that she is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, viewers know that when Abigail’s mental illness symptoms resurface, nobody is safe. She murdered Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), who was practically her best friend back then. Even though the murder was committed by one of her alters, “Gabby,” it was still Abigail’s hands that delivered the fatal blow. If her alters happen to return while she’s with Gwen, the unthinkable could happen. We don’t have much sympathy for Gwen, but Abigail would never come back from committing another murder. So let’s hope that someone can save her before Abigail destroys herself.

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