How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Sometimes our kids drive us to the brink of crazy and we feel like an erupting volcano. Since we still love them unconditionally and want the best for them, we need to tone down the yelling. Yelling creates more bad than good and we should find better ways to punish our kids.

If you feel compelled to yell, you can read about some of the tips you can use to stop yelling at your kids.

Take time off to relax

Maybe the yelling is coming about as a reaction to something. You probably had a long day at work and your mind is not synchronized right. You could be undergoing some stressful situation in your life. Take some time to relax and calm down. You can leave the room and compose yourself. In most cases, when we are yelling and screaming, we do not know exactly what we are saying and we could say some really hurtful things.

Understand what triggers your yelling

You may have found out that a specific action by your kids sends you off the rails. When you know what makes you that mad, it becomes easier to address the situation than when you have no idea why you go bonkers all of a sudden. You can learn to control these triggers and situations. This will bring the yelling down considerably.

Adjust your expectations

Perhaps you are expecting too much from your kids, they end up not meeting these expectations and you go ballistic. You should know that kids can be very unpredictable and you be prepared for a lot of eventualities. Be flexible and know the limits of every kid. This way you will be able to predict the outcome and cool down.

Loop in the kid’s help

Many are the times I have been surprised at how my kids understood what I wanted them to do by simply talking them like adults. Let them know about what they do that makes you mad and how you are not a good person when in this state. They will try to avoid making you angry most times. 

Listen to your kids

Your kids might be acting or reacting to something and their actions just push you over. If you close to your kids, it is probably pretty easy to know and understand what makes them act the way they do and you can figure out how to counter this, other than through yelling. Finding common ground is great as it will keep everyone peaceful and calm.

Find alternative ways to punish your kids

There are so many ways to punish your kids depending on the mistake made. Be creative and find some of the best ways to punish them without yelling or cursing at them. Curfews, timeouts and limiting their access to something they love works like a charm. Keep the punishment real and let them know the consequences they will face for their actions. It will keep everyone calm and your sanity in place.

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