A Family Travel Must is the BubbleBum Booster Seat

Traveling with children can sometimes get complicated. As much as we want to show our loved ones the world, we also have to keep in mind that their safety should always be our number one priority. Thankfully, BubbleBum makes it easier for parents to hit the road with our kids in both comfort and style.


This past summer my husband and I traveled all across Europe with our three small children. As many moms and dads know, trying to carry your luggage, strollers, car seats and your kids through airports can turn into a workout. In fact, most parents absolutely dread it. Luckily, my daughter’s BubbleBum eased the pain while we were in Crete and Italy this summer. For her, it was a super cool inflatable booster seat that she traveled with all summer long. It didn’t matter if we were on a plane, on a bus or in an Uber – the Bubblebum was quick and easy to use and was less of a hassle compared to traditional toddler booster seats.

The BubbleBum was designed with our children’s safety in mind. And as any parent will tell you, car safety is just as important at home as it is on family trips, too. When you are traveling abroad, you just don’t know what kind of drivers you might encounter on the road (especially when their road rules and regulations are so different than what we are used to at home). Their booster seat was designed with belt positioning clips instead of armrests. This makes it easier for parents to fit three booster seats in the back of most vehicles. It also gives children under the age of 4 a good boost in order to prevent the risk of slouching. Of course, they can also be used on board flights, too. Your kids can even use them as makeshift pillows while you are waiting to board your plane at airports, too!

Also, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety voted BubbleBum as the best booster seat for the last six years. In other words, you can rest easy and relax during your vacation knowing that your children are still safe on the road.

And here’s the best part: traveling with a BubbleBum is cheaper than renting a booster seat from a car rental agency. It also weighs less than a pound and so easy to carry along everywhere you go. While we were in Crete and Sicily, the BubbleBum was so easy to inflate and it also deflated in less than six minutes.  As a busy mom with three small children under the age of 6, I need my hands to be available at all times. With the BubbleBum, all I needed to do was inflate it when we were ready to use it. When we didn’t need to use it, I stored it in either my travel bag or in our luggage.

You can purchase one at your local Walmart and Target stores or order one online. You can choose from one of BubbleBum’s limited edition designs or their original colors black and pink. They retail for $29.99. For more information, check out the BubbleBum website


A Family Travel Must is the BubbleBum Booster

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